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Gamer's Inn News - Black Friday Deals - November 21st

November 21st, 2018
Good day to you all and a Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

We wanted to take a minute today to update you on the progress of the new location for Gamer's Inn, 218 NW State Street, American Fork UT, as well as to let you know about our amazing Black Friday Sales that will be going on this weekend. 

Things are moving along smoothly at the new location. The flooring was finished up this week and looks great. There are some final touches to be done with electrical along the way and our chandeliers should be going in next week. We also stumbled upon some great items for some finishing touches, so look forward to some neat new details going in.

All Black Friday Specials will be listed in the columns down below and here is a highlight of a few of the games that will be available with Black Friday Specials as well as some new games that have arrived just in time for the Holidays. Your Gamer's Club Discount will still apply to our Black Friday Deals. 

Black Friday Deal
Founders of Gloomhaven

MSRP $70.00 Sale Price $50.00
Set in the world of Gloomhaven, Founders of Gloomhaven is a competative tile-placement, hand management, city-building game where each player controls a fantastical race working to build the city of Gloomhaven and gain influence over its residents. This is a stand-alone game set in the same universe as Gloomhaven. The events, however, take place hundreds of years before Gloomhaven and depict the original construction of the city.

Black Friday Deal
Transformers: Metroplex Decks
MSRP $19.99 Sale Price $16.99
The Metroplex Deck contains the cards for one player to bring the Titan Metroplex into the Transformers Trading Card Game experience. It features the Metroplex, Scamper, Six-Gun, and Slammer character cards and a 40-card deck of battle cards including three battle cards Rally the City, Height Advantage and Protected by Metroplex not available in the Autobots Starter Set or the Transformers Trading Card Game Booster Packs

New Game
Munchkin: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe
MSRP $29.99 Sale Price $24.99
Get this fun version of Munchkin before it officially releases! This version has previously only been available on Kickstarter and we are happy to be able to provide it early to you! Take on the role of your favorite "heroes in a half-shell" as you fight monsters and grab their loot! Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles combines the gameplay of Munchkin with the beloved characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe.

New Game

Fireball Island
MSRP $74.95
This immortal classic is bigger, taller, faster, looks like a million bucks, and doubles down on the kinetic mayhem of the original. 30 years later, the players are back, looking for adventure. As guests on the world’s worst adventure tourism destination, they will traverse wild terrain, gather snapshots of amazing views, and collect treasure along the way. Get the most stuff and get back to the helicopter. Of course, a certain vengeful ?re spirit has other ideas. It’s not long before massive ?reballs come careening down the paths. Can you make it back at all? The new version of the game features a larger island, faster marbles, and fully redesigned game play. Players play cards to move their ?gures, manipulate the features on the island, and unleash Vul-Kar’s wrath.

New Game
Betrayal Legacy
MSRP $75.00
Betrayal Legacy is a semi-cooperative campaign board game that tells an overarching story of the House on the Hill incorporating the actions and choices of the players. Over the course of the campaign, the game is permanently altered until players are left with a fully customizable, re-playable board game version of the critically-acclaimed Betrayal at House on the Hill. Fans of the original Betrayal at House on the Hill will enjoy this fresh take on the classic game, however, there’s no previous experience is necessary to play—even players new to the brand can jump in, explore, and affect the spooky history of the legendary House on the Hill.

New Game
Concept: Kids Animals
MSRP $29.99
Concept Kids Animals is a cooperative version of the game Concept, adapted for children who don’t yet know how to read. In turn, the children attempt to make the others guess an animal by playing pawns on the illustrated icons on the game board. Through this, the child indicates a feature of the animal to be guessed. Draw 12 cards and attempt to find as many animals as possible in order to get the most points together! Concept Kids Animals offers 110 animals to be guessed, divided into two difficulty levels. Beautifully illustrated this communication game for children will allow them to discover the world of animals in a fun and innovative way.

15% Off 

20% Off

Additional Discounted Games
Transformer TCG Starter Deck
MSRP $14.99
Sale Price $12.49

Transformer TCG Metroplex
MSRP $19.99
Sale Price $16.99

TMNT Munchkin
MSRP $29.99
Sale Price $24.99

X-Wing Miniatures
MSRP $14.95-$69.95
Sale Price $12.99-$58.99

Star Wars Legion
MSRP $12.95-$89.95
Sale Price $10.99-$75.99

Runewars Miniatures Game
MSRP $24.95-$99.95
Sale Price $20.99-$84.95
Star Wars Destiny Booster Packs
MSRP $2.99
Sale Price $2.39

Star Wars Destiny Starter Sets
MSRP $14.95
Sale Price $11.99

Star Wars Destiny Rivals Draft Set
MSRP $14.95
Sale Price $11.99

Dice Masters Starter Sets
MSRP $19.99
Sale Price $15.99

Dice Masters Booster Packs
MSRP $0.99
Sale Price $0.79

Zen Bin Storage Systems
MSRP $8.00-$10.00
Sale Price $6.49-$8.00
Founders of Gloomhaven
MSRP $70.00
Sale Price $50.00

Codenames: XXL
MSRP $39.99
Sale Price $30.00

The Dark Crystal Board Game
MSRP $50.00
Sale Price $30.00
Friday Night Magic
Dice Masters Monday
Gamer's Inn Events
Come every Friday night for our Magic: the Gathering events. See below for times and formats. 

November 23rd, 2018
7:00pm - Free Standard
7:30pm - $15 Battlebond Draft

November 3oth, 2018
7:00pm - Free Modern
7:30pm - $10 Guilds of Ravnica Draft

December 7th, 2018
7:00pm - Free Standard
7:30pm - $10 Guilds of Ravnica Draft

December 14th, 2018
7:00pm - Free Modern
7:30pm - $10 Guilds of Ravnica Draft
Join us Monday evenings for Dice Masters events. All events start at 7:00pm unless otherwise posted.

December 3rd, 2018
Old School Night "Faerun Under Siege" (Golden) - $6

December 17th, 2018
Rainbow Draft "Civil War" (Modern) - $12

We will be planning more events for the Transformers TCG in place of some of our regularly scheduled Dice Masters Mondays. Stay tuned for more information!
Mark your calendars for our upcoming events at Gamer's Inn. Each of our Game Night starts at 7:00pm and are free to participate in.

November 23rd - 7:30pm
Battlebond Draft Event $15 per player

November 27th - 7:00pm
Forbidden Island Game Night

December 4th - 7:00pm
X-Wing Quarterly Event - $3.00

December 20th - 7:00pm
Paint Night with Caleb Ceran - $25

Thank you for making this store possible and for your patronage! 

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