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Gamer's Inn News - March 1st

March 1st, 2019
The Transformers Trading Card Game continues to grow as its second set rumbles in! Rise of the Combiners sees the battlefield changed forever as the mighty, towering Combiners come into play for the first time and we are geared up to get the set celebrated at Gamer's Inn with a draft! This event will take place Monday, March 4th at 6:30pm. There will be a $14 entry fee for this event. Each player will draft with 4 booster packs. 

X-Wing League will kick of on Tuesday, March 5th. We will be starting our series of events off with a 100point skirmish. Be prepared to battle for unique prizes while enjoying a friendly, relaxed tournament. Players will have the opportunity to win some of great prizes including promo cards and tokens. There will be a $3 entry for this leg of the league. 

Paint Night with Caleb Ceran

Miniature Painting Class

What's New at Gamer's Inn
Join us Thursday, March 21st from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Local artist Caleb Ceran will be taking participants step by step through the process of creating a beautiful image on canvas.

There will be 16 available spots for this event and participants must be at least 12 years of age. There will be a $35 entry fee if you register prior to the event. Registration on the day of the event increases to $40.

We will be painting the image above that night, which is a unique two part image where 1 person in a pair paints half of the painting. Registering in pairs is encouraged.
Whether you have miniature figurines for a favorite board game like Shadows Over Camelot, table top games like Runewars or a character piece for Dungeons and Dragons, adding a splash of color to them can really enhance your game play.

Thursday nights at 7:00pm, a Gamer's Inn staff member will be on hand to provide pointers to help with painting your figures.

Cost for the class is $5, which includes a small Bones figure from the store, use of paints, brushes and instructions on how to paint your figure. If you bring your own figurines, the cost is $3 per figure. Cost for either situation is per figure not per night.
Check out Sagrada! As a skilled artisan, you will use tools-of-the-trade and careful planning to construct a stained glass window masterpiece in the Sagrada Familia. Players will take turns drafting glass pieces, represented by dice; carefully choosing where to place each one in their window. Windows have unique color and shade requirements, and similar dice may never be adjacent so placing each die is more challenging than the last. Fortunately, you'll have just the right tools to help you through. Sagrada - a game of dice drafting and window crafting for 1 to 4 players that plays in about 30 minutes. 
Friday Night Magic
Dice Masters Monday
Gamer's Inn Events
Come every Friday night for our Magic: the Gathering events. See below for times and formats. 

March 1st, 2019
7:00pm - Free Standard
7:30pm - $10 Ravnica Allegiance Draft

March 8th, 2019
7:00pm - Free Modern
7:30pm - $10 Ravnica Allegiance Draft

March 15th, 2019
7:00pm - Free Standard
7:30pm - $10 Ravnica Allegiance Draft

March 22nd, 2019
7:00pm - Free Modern
7:30pm - $10 Ravnica Allegiance Draft
Join us Monday evenings for Dice Masters events. All events start at 7:00pm unless otherwise posted.

March 4th, 2019
6:30pm - Transformers Rise of the Combiners Draft ($14)

7:00pm - No Dice Masters

March 11th, 2019
6:30pm - Transformers constructed $8.

7:00pm - Dice Masters (Golden Age) - $2

March 18th, 2019
6:30pm - Transformers constructed $8.

6:30pm - Dice Masters Rainbow Draft Age of Ultron - $12

Mark your calendars for our upcoming events at Gamer's Inn. Each of our Game Night starts at 7:00pm and are free to participate in.

March 2019
7 Wonders is the Game of the Month. Come in anytime to play

March 5th - 7:00pm

X-Wing League Kick Off $3.00

March 12th - 7:00pm
7 Wonders Demo Night

March 21st - 7:00pm
Paint Night with Caleb Ceran -$35

Thank you for making this store possible and for your patronage! 

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