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Gamer's Inn News - May 24th

May 24th, 2019

We would like to announce a new adventure in the D&D 5th edition rules collection. Nestled on the coast of the Azure Sea is Saltmarsh, a sleepy fishing village that sits on the precipice of destruction. Smugglers are lurking in hidden coves, cruel sahuagin plot to sweep away costal cities, drowned sailors stir to unnatural life and a cult of a forbidden god search for fresh victims and willing recruits. As Heroes you must join together to keep the waves safe! Ghosts of Saltmarsh combine classic adventures from 1st edition and classic 'U' series. Lead your characters from level 1 to 12 or pull out sections to place in ongoing campaigns in any setting. The appendices also cover mechanics for ship-to-ship combat, new magic items, monsters, and more! Now available at Gamer's Inn with awesome Limited Edition Cover Art while supplies last. 


The MTG Championship is tomorrow, Saturday May 25th at 11:30am! 
This Championship is a special one. With all of these amazing planeswalkers in the War of the Spark set, we want to make sure we can use them all. So this championship we will have a special sealed event where you can cast all your planeswalkers for what ever mana color you wish! This way you can play all of your planeswalkers in your sealed pool. It is going to be a wild and fun ride with the championship play mat on the line. The price for buy in will be $20 for the 6 packs you will use to build a 40 card deck. This is a fun event that everyone can play in and we welcome every one no matter what your skill level to come play in this spectacularly unique event. Plus the winner will get an awesome Champion's Playmat featured above. There will also be additional promo cards for everyone and Japanese booster packs that will be given away as prizes. This is sure to be a great event and we look forward to having you there!

KeyForge: Age of Ascension

Modern Horizons
X-Wing League
Love Keyforge and the random exciting decks that you can pick up and play anywhere? Well Richard Garfield's Keyforge will have more then two hundred new cards added to the game thanks to the release of KeyForge: Age of Ascension. Age of Ascension will be joining 166 cards first introduced in Call of the Archons to create an entirely new pool of 370 card and billions upon billions more Unique Decks for you to discover, learn and master. Adding new keywords like First Blood, Omega and Deploy will sure to add some spice to the game. We will also see some of our favorite cards mixed in with sets that will put them in new situations keeping there original wording but placing in them in situations that will allow you to rediscover them in a fresh light. So come down and pick up these new decks when they release May 30th.  Here at Gamer's Inn we love MTG prereleases and what's better then another one coming up this next month on June 8th entry fee $20. Wizards is doing something new and crazy with Modern Horizons they are making this set with new cards and old reprints specifically for modern skipping standard completely! From all the spoilers that we have seen it is sure to be a amazing set for modern, legacy and commander. With many joking that if commander players were cats then this would be catnip to the players. We have some store favorites with Slivers and Shapeshifters being reprinted with new abilities and amazing new cards that can be played from your hand for free its looking to be crazy.  Will this shake things up in the old formats? Come and check out for yourself and play with us in June and make sure to get your preorders in for booster boxes today for this hot new set. Boxes are available for $265 on preorder with Buy a Box promos that will be available while supplies last. 
We have been running since May 7th a summer X-Wing League every Tuesday @ 7pm with a $3 entry fee for each night. We like to mix things up here at Gamer's Inn and have fun with the League so we have many different game types each week. League Points will be awarded to top players each week and whoever has aquired the most points by the end of the league will be crowned the winner and be awarded prizes from our X-Wing Organized Play kits. Prizes based on attendance could also posiibly include ships or other X-Wing supplies. The events for the rest of the league are as follows. More information can be found about each one on our Gamer's Inn website.
May 28th  - Extended Format Tournament 
June 4th - Furball
June 11th - Mano a Mano 
June 18th - Quick Build Free 
June 25th - Unlikely Allies 
Friday Night Magic
Manic Monday
Gamer's Inn Events
Come every Friday night for our Magic: the Gathering events. See below for times and formats. 

May 24th, 2019
7:00pm - Free Standard
7:30pm - $10 War of the Spark Draft

May 31st, 2019
7:00pm - Free Modern
7:30pm - $10 War of the Spark Draft

June 7th, 2019
7:00pm - Free Standard
7:30pm - $10 War of the Spark Draft

June 14th, 2019
7:00pm - Free Modern
7:30pm - $10 War of the Spark Draft
Join us Monday evenings for Dice Masters, KeyForge and Transformers events. All events start at 7:00pm unless otherwise posted.

May 27th, 2019
Store open but No Events for Memorial Day

June 3rd, 2019
6:30pm - Transformers TCG Constructed $5
7:00pm - Dice Masters Golden Constructed $2
7:00pm - Keyforge Unaltered Constructed $5

June 10th, 2019
6:30pm - Transformers TCG Constructed $5
7:00pm - Keyforge Sealed $10

June 17th, 2019
6:3opm - Tranformers Turbo Draft $8
7:00pm - Dice Master Modern $2
7:00pm - Keyforge Archon Triad $5
Mark your calendars for our upcoming events at Gamer's Inn. Each of our Game Night starts at 7:00pm and are free to participate in.

May 25th, 2019 - 11:30am
Planeswalker Championship Weekend $20

June 8th, 2019 - 12:00am
Midnight Prerelease of Modern Horizons Mtg $20

June 8th, 2019
11:30am - MTG: Modern Horizons Prerelease $20
5:00pm - MTG: Modern Horizons Prerelease $20

June 20th, 2019

7:00pm - Paint Night with Caleb Ceran

Thank you for making this store possible and for your patronage! 

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