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Gamers' Inn News - 9/20/19

September 20th, 2019
Image result for shopfest utah logo
Cory Wride Memorial Park, 
Eagle Mountain, UT
September 21, 7am to 10pm


It's tomorrow! ShopFest Utah is the state’s premiere outdoor shopping event. It's happening all day, so come whenever you'd like and stay for however long you like (until about 10 o'clock. Then you ought to go home. But hey, we understand if you don't want to leave. Stay. Fight the system. I believe in you, Newsletter Reader. We'll probably leave though and take our fun with us). You will find over 200 small businesses (including us, Gamer's Inn!) for a one-day incredible experience. Come enjoy great food and entertainment throughout the day! 

7:00am to 10:00pm
Hot Air Balloon Festival

9:00am to 8:00pm 
Small Business Market
(Make sure to visit our booth!)

8:00pm to 10:00pm 
Concert by The Cinders

For more information, visit:

Beyond Wonderland Regular
September 23rd, 7:00 PM
Entry fee: $5

"I heard a tale, once," Old Barry coughed. "Of adventurers of a particularly curious nature. Strange they were... even stranger how they came together as a group." A crackling laugh exposed his missing, blackened and crooked teeth. "There be a story that'll be long remembered by all who lived through it.
It starts, like all good stories do, at an inn."

Join us for a night of adventuring, drinking non-alcoholic drinks, snacking on perfectly legal snacks, and possibly busting a few heads in our Heroes for Hire event. In this Dungeons and Dragons event, you’re provided a character and painted mini-figure to use for the evening, as well as a snack and a drink. 

We are providing level five characters, so we recommend those who come to have some knowledge of D&D game mechanics.

This event fills up fast so hurry and sign up now!
You're free to sign up in-store or click here to sign up online!

Robber of the Rich - Throne of Eldraine MtG Art

CHrONicLe Regular
Image result for star wars destiny rey art

SF Distant Galaxy
Stolen by the Fae - Throne of Eldraine MtG Art

CHrONicLe Regular
Lightning Draft
Tuesdays at 7:00pm
(Entry Fee: $10)

Join us for a fun, new format for draft! It's everything you enjoy about drafting, but at a quicker pace so that you can play on week nights!

Drafting occurs as normal, but instead of doing rounds that are best of 3, each round is best of 1 and only last for 30 minutes.  

We will be drafting with Core 2020.

Throne of Eldraine League
Begins October 8th, 7:00pm

(Entry fee: $10)

Welcome mage to the Throne of Eldraine League!

To start, players will receive three booster packs and a match card to track your games on. You will then build a minimum 30-card deck from your three boosters and play as many matches as you like. 

At the end of League, there will be prizes distributed. 

Those who wish to, can take their cards from this league and roll them into our Throne of Eldraine Brawl League, which will begin Nov 5th.
 Star Wars Destiny:
Path to Prime

Oct 10 to Nov 7, 7:00pm
(Entry fee: $5 per event)

"There's no mystical energy field that controls my destiny."
-Han Solo, A New Hope

Turn on your light-sabers and prepare to join fight the dark side, because the Prime Championships are a month away!

Each week we'll have a constructed event for you to hone your abilities and your decks. For every win, we'll give you a booster pack!

We'll also be awarding raffle tickets to everyone who participates in the events. For participating, you'll get two raffles tickets. And for every game you win, you'll receive another raffle ticket!

On November 7th, we'll hold a raffle with prizes such as
Gamer's Inn play-mats and dice trays, and Destiny products.

As a precursor to these events, we'll be holding a casual constructed event on October 3rd at 7:00pm.  Think of it as the perfect time to  start honing out all of the somewhat yucky things about your deck. After that, you'll be left with the truly powerful deck as we lead up to Path. Sign up now in store or online!
Pre-Release Events
September 27 & 28
Event fee: $25*

Throne of Eldrain promises to be a fanciful set combining elements from classic fairy tales as well as Arthurian legend. 

Sign up in store or online for one of our fabulous Pre-Release events*:

Friday, September 27th:
Sealed Event: 3:00pm
Sealed Event: 9:00pm

Saturday, September 28th:
Two Headed Giant: 11:30am Sealed Event: 6:00pm

Want to buy a box? We're doing a special $100 sale for a Throne of Eldraine booster box! Sign up now while supplies last!

*Each event has a $25 entry fee. When you participate in more than one event, you are eligible for a $5 discount on additional events. 

Don't go yet! We're also doing Throne of Eldraine Release events! 

Friday, October 4th:
Sealed Event, 7:00pm 

(Entry Fee: $20)

Saturday, October 5th:
Throne of Eldraine
Draft Weekend, All Day
Drafts will fire off with 8 players

(Entry Fee: $10)

Stiff Brush JK Regular

Allorta Regular
Voloâ??s Guide to Monsters

RUNLION regular
Paint Night with Caleb Ceran
October 17, 7:00pm
Entry Fee: $35 prepay,
$40 at the door.

Need a fun idea for a date night? Here's a perfect idea: Paint Night with Caleb Ceran! He's a wonderful local artist and an excellent teacher. 

Caleb will be taking participants step by step through the process of creating a beautiful image on canvas.

There are only 12 remaining spots, so sign up now while you can! All supplies are provided, including brushes, canvases, paints, and the artist (that would be you). 

Participants must be at least 12 years old. 
Mystic Vale is free for in-store play during our normal business hours.

"A curse has been placed on the Valley of Life. Hearing the spirits of nature cry out for aid, clans of druids have arrived, determined to use their blessings to heal the land and rescue the spirits. It will require courage and also caution, as the curse can overwhelm the careless who wield too much power." 
-Alderac Entertainment Group

A beautiful and unique game, Mystic Vale combines the strategies of deck-building games with a new game mechanic; instead of building decks, you are building cards. And with gorgeous art and simply rules, this game is one you'll want to come back to again and again.
The following quote comes from "Volo's Guide to Monsters", a D&D sourcebook with new player races, monsters, and other fascinating lore.
"...should you find it within yourself to complain that this or that entry is lacking in veracity or comprehensive completeness, let it be known that I, Volo, took no shortcuts... in gathering the most extensive and authoritative lore possible. At great personal risk, might I add!"
-Volothamp Geddarm,
co-author of "Volo's Guide"

"Ye may, though ye’re obviously unaware, young Volo, how often and for how long I have been telling dragons, mind flayers, and even goblins how truly vile Volothamps taste, raw or cooked. Ye’re welcome."
-Elminster Aumar,
co-author of "Volo's Guide"

CHrONicLe Regular

Sanitarium BB

Come every Friday night for our Magic: the Gathering events. See below for times and formats. 

September 20th
7:00pm - Modern free
7:30pm - Modern Horizons
Draft $20

September 27th
No MTG events tonight. Instead, come to our Throne of Eldraine
Pre-Release Events!

October 4th
7:00pm - Throne of Eldraine Sealed $20

October 11th
7:00pm - Standard free
7:30pm - Throne of Eldraine Draft, $10

Join us Monday evenings for Dice Masters, Transformers TCG and KeyForge events. See below for times, formats and cost.

September 27th
7:00pm - Heroes for Hire
7:00pm - TCG: Pick Your Poison Draft, $8

September 30th
6:30pm - TCG: Constructed, $5
7:00pm - Dice Masters: Rainbow Draft (Pick Your Poison), $10

October 7th
7:00pm - Dice Masters: Golden Age Constructed, $2

October 14th
7:00pm - TCG: Turbo Draft (Pick Your Poison), $8
Mark your calendars for our upcoming events at Gamer's Inn. Each of our Game Night starts at 7:00pm and are free to participate in.

Tuesday, Sep 24th
7:00pm - Star Wars X-Wing

Wednesday, Sep 25th
7:00pm - Adventurers' League, free
7:00pm - Dungeon Master Class, free

Thursday, Sep 26th
7:00pm - MiniFigure Painting Class, $3

Saturday, Sep 28th
2:00pm - Standard Saturday, free

Thank you for making this store possible and for your patronage! 

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