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Gamer's Inn News: Nov 15, 2019

November 15th, 2019

Paint Yourselves a Merry Little Hero

Fri, 11/15 Sat, 11/16 Mon, 11/18 Tues, 11/19 Wed, 11/20 Thurs, 11/21
Friday Night Magic:

7:00pm - Modern, free

7:30pm -
Throne of Eldraine Draft, $10
 11:30am - MTG Commander, free
1:00pm -
Premium Sealed, free

2:00pm - MTG Standard, free
Manic Monday: 

7:00pm - Dice Masters: Modern Manic Monday, $3
  7:00pm -
MTG Pauper, free

7:00pm - 
Throne of Eldraine
Brawl League, $10

7:00pm - 
MTG Lightning Draft, $10

7:00pm - 
X-Wing Night, free
7:00pm - D&D: Adventurers' League, free
7:00pm -
D&D: Dungeon Master's Class, free
11:00am- MTG Commander, free
7:00pm -Painting Class - Minifigures, $3
7:00pm - Paint with Caleb, $25
7:00pm - Star Wars Destiny: Casual Play

Beth Ellen 2 Regular

November 21st, 7:00pm
(Entry Fee: $25)

Are you bored, wanting to do something with your night other than watch TV and playing the same old board game over and over again?

How about learning how to paint with a local artist something as gorgeous as the picture above? 
And, while you're at it, picking up a brand new board game?

"But wait!" You say. "I don't know how to paint anything! And I could never paint something like that..."

Have no fear, Newsletter Reader, because a local artist named Caleb Ceran will be coming to Gamer's Inn to teach you how to paint your very own canvas! 

There are only 12 remaining spots, so sign up now while you can! All supplies are provided, including brushes, canvases, paints, and the artist (that would be you). 

Participants must be at least 12 years old. 

Sign up in store or

click here to sign up online!

Beyond Wonderland Regular

November 25th, 7:00pm
(Entry Fee: $5)

Vesryn finished off the last of the kobolds attacking him, and with a small glance towards Hill casually
threw a knife into the back of a kobold that nearly took Hill's head off with a cleaver.

"Hey!" Hill cried out. "He was mine!"

"You're welcome," Vesryn replied dryly. He scanned the cave, and spotted Sia just ahead,
crouched in front of the entrance to the main part of the cave. "Sia dear, weren't you supposed to be in the cave already?"

Sia pointed behind her. "Magical darkness."

"Ah," the elf wizard nodded. He closed his eyes and brought his hands up, muttering an incantation.
A few baubles of light shot forth from his hands, flying over Sia's head and into the cavern beyond.
The lights went up, dancing out of view. Vesryn walked forward, carefully not stepping on the dead kobolds lying strewn about.
Hill waded through them, wiping off his warhammer with an old rag as he did.
Sia slowly stood as her companions joined her. 

The lights danced along the edge of the cavern ceiling, showing a large, rounded
cavern with a shallow lake of waterand an island in the middle.
 There was no other exit besides the one they stood in. The light shone off of the gold
and jewels they had come to steal, glittering under a sleeping red dragon the size of a house.

"Well well well," Hill whispered. "Guess the dragon's not dead after all."

In this Dungeons and Dragons event, we're going to take you for an adventure through Faerun! The only thing you need to bring is yourself! We'll provide the rest, including a character sheet,painted mini-figure to use for the evening, as well as a snack and a drink. 

We are providing level five characters, so we recommend those who come to have some knowledge of D&D game mechanics.

Sign up in store or 
click here to sign up online!

Image result for throne of eldraine holiday gift bundle
Throne of Eldraine: 
Gift Bundle Pack
Releases Nov 15
($59.99 per pack)

Salutations, Magic Players!

You've probably been searching for that perfect gift for your magic-playing friends, and so far have come up empty.
They have the playmats (though, if they don't, Gamer's Inn has a lovely playmat available for $10),
cards galore, deck boxes, and way too many sleeves. 

Well, your search is over! Because the Throne of Eldraine Gift Bundle pack has arrived in store!

Inside this brand new set are an over-sized spin-down counter, a Collector Booster, 1 foil-art promo card,
 10 Throne of Eldraine booster packs, 20 basic lands, and 20 foil basic lands.

If you've enjoyed the Throne of Eldraine set as much as the rest of us have, you'll definitely need to add this bundle pack
to your collection. If only for the foil lands. They're really pretty, which is half of the reason we all play magic; for the pretty cards. Quantities are limited. 


Image result for stocking tiger
Bigsmile Sans

Black Chancery +
Black Friday Sales
Available November 29th ONLY

It's that time of year again... Christmas Shopping during the Black Friday Sales! And Gamer's Inn has some amazing deals this holiday season.

Starting off the line up, are our Black Friday Hoard Specials. Each Hoard Special is geared towards helping you expand your collection of things you love; whether that be Dungeons & Dragons, Collectible Card Games, Board Games or repping your favorite FLGS (friendly local game store) with some awesome swag. Each of these deals are only available in store on Black Friday (Nov 29th), but click here to enjoy a preview!

Next, Select Titles Sales. Each item marked with a green sticker will receive a 25% discount. Titles including but not limited to QuadropolisAbove and Below, and Dead of Winter: The Long Night will be among the discounted items. All Select Titles will have a Green Sticker and discount will be automatically applied at checkout. 

All of our Previously Played Games will be discounted by 30%.
These games are marked by
pink stickers,
 and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

Finally, with any purchase of $50 or more, you'll become eligible to purchase one of our dice trays for 50% off. 
The holidays are upon us, Gamers! Below are the times when the store will be open, and (if we're open) what events will be running that day. 

Thanksgiving Day (Nov 28)
Store will be closed.
No events.

Black Friday (Nov 29)
Store will be open 11am to 10pm.

7:00pm - FNM: Standard, free
7:30pm - Throne of Eldraine draft, $10

Christmas Eve (Dec 24)
Store will be open 11am to 4pm.
No events.

Christmas Day (Dec 25)
Store will be closed.
No events.

New Year's Eve (Dec 31)
Store will be open 11am to 4pm.
No events.

New Year's Day (Jan 1st)
Store will be open from 11am to 10pm.

We're very grateful to all of our wonderful employees, sponsors, and customers for a fantastic first year in our brand new location!

"As far as stories go, this one's not so bad," Tyris whispered. His companions were all fast asleep around the dying fire. He could see the morning sun just peeking over the mountains. A new day. A new adventure. Tyris settled into the tree, gazing up at the fading stars.
"No, not so bad at all."
Dungeons & Dragons:
Adventurers' League 

Wednesday Nights at 7pm
(Entry Fee: free)

After their encounter with the dragon, the adventurers were hoping for a few uneventful days. But then their boat got sucked into a whirlpool, and they were sucked into the depths. They didn't drown, however. Instead, they found themselves falling towards a desert city...

So! You've been hearing about this D&D thing and thinking to yourself,
"I've always wanted to be an Aarakocra named Turkey who's a cleric of the Thanksgiving Food Nature domain."

Well, now's your chance! Come join our upcoming season of Adventurers' League,
built specially for new players.
Here, we'll teach you all about D&D mechanics and help you to design your very own character! 

Want to learn to DM? Come to Adventurers' League! We'll teach you all the tips and tricks on running your own campaign! We'll be more than happy to show you how to design your own campaign, write excellent NPCs, and manage unruly players.

We will be provide character sheets and a Dungeon Master. We encourage those who come to bring their own writing utensil and dice set.
We have lots to choose from if you do not already have a set, including miniature dice, metal dice, and more!

Image result for friday night magic

CHrONicLe Regular

Sanitarium BB

Come every Friday night for our Magic: the Gathering events. See below for times and formats. 

November 15th
7:00pm - Modern, free
7:30pm - Throne of Eldraine Draft, $10

November 22nd
7:00pm - Standard, free
7:30pm - Throne of Eldraine Draft, $10

November 29th
7:00pm - Modern, free
7:30pm - Throne of Eldraine Draft, $10

December 6th
7:00pm - Pioneer, free
7:30pm - Throne of Eldraine Draft, $10

Join us Monday evenings for Dice Masters, Transformers TCG and KeyForge events. See below for times, formats and cost.

November 18th
7:00pm - Dice Masters: Modern Manic Monday, $3

November 25th
7:00pm - Transformers TCG: Constructed, $5

December 2nd
7:00pm - Dice Masters: Golden Manic Monday, $3

December 9th
7:00pm - TCG: War for Cybertron Siege II Turbo Draft, $8
Mark your calendars for our upcoming events at Gamer's Inn. Each of our Game Night starts at 7:00pm and are free to participate in.

Tuesday, Nov 12th
7:00pm - Dixit Demo Night, free

Monday, November 18th
7:00pm - Play with the Owners: Star Realms, free

Thursday, Nov 21st
7:00pm - Paint with Caleb, $25

Monday, Nov 25th
7:00pm - Heroes for Hire, $5
7:00pm - Play with the Owners: Villainous, free

Thank you for making this store possible and for your patronage! 

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