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Gamer's Inn News: Dec 13th, 2019

December 13th, 2019

On the 12th Day of Christmas,
my True Love Gave to Me:
12 Games from Gamer's Inn

Fri, 12/13 Sat, 12/14 Mon, 12/16 Tues, 12/17 Wed, 12/18 Thurs, 12/19
Friday Night Magic:

7:00pm - MTG Modern, free

7:30pm - Throne of Eldraine Draft, $10
 11:30am - MTG Commander, free
2:00pm -
MTG: Standard, free

6:00pm - Throne of Eldraine Sealed, $20
Manic Monday:

7:00pm - Dice Masters, Modern Theme Night, $2 

7:00pm - AsmoPlay Game Night, Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth free
7:00pm - Game Demo Night: Cover Your Assets, free

7:00pm - 
MTG Lightning Draft, $10

7:00pm - 
X-Wing Night, free
7:00pm - D&D: Adventurers' League, free
7:00pm -
D&D: Dungeon Master's Class, free
11:00am- MTG Commander, free
7:00pm -Painting Class - Minifigures, $3
7:oopm - Paint with Caleb, $25
7:00pm - Star Wars Destiny: Casual Play, free

This month we have donation bins set up in store for the Salvation Army. We are thankful for those who have already brought in something to share with the community. Tonight, we are doing something special for our Throne of Eldraine Draft. Bring in a donation for the Salvation Army and get a $2.00 discount for the draft tonight. Donations can include non-perishable food, new unwrapped toys, and new/gently used blankets and coats.

We will also be doing this special donation draft pricing again for next week's draft. Thank you all again for what you do to help those around us!  

Image result for cover your assets

Cover Your Assets Demo Night

December 17th, 7:00pm
Entry fee: free

"The goal of Cover Your Assets® is quite simple. The first player to reach $1,000,000 wins. This usually happens in three to five rounds.
If time is short, you can also just play one hand for some quick fun. Each player builds their own stack of assets by placing matching sets of cards crisscross (perpendicular), one on top of another.

 While making your own sets of assets is ok, it’s way more fun to snatch them from your neighbors. Identical asset cards and wild cards will help you do just that. We’ll get into the particulars of how to seize other players’ cards later on. You may be feeling pretty smug thinking about swiping everyone else’s valuable asset cards, but remember—they can try to steal from you too!"

-Grandpa Beck's Games

Cover Your Assets is our Game of the Month, which means you'll get an extra 5% discount on this fabulous game all month long!

Find out more by following this link!

Image result for caleb ceran

Paint with Caleb
December 19th, 7:00pm
Entry Fee: $25

This Christmas, consider giving someone the gift of an experience. 
Sure, you could play a variety of board games for free at Gamer's Inn, but what if you want something different for Christmas? 

Good news. We do more than just play board games here!
We do tons of events, including a paint night with a local artist every third Thursday of the month! Caleb Ceran will teach you how to paint and at the end of the night, you go home with a beautiful canvas (painted by you!), fond memories, and some new friends!

There are only 12 remaining spots, so sign up now while you can! 
All supplies are provided, including brushes, canvases, paints, and the artist (that would be you). 

Participants must be at least 12 years old.

Sign up in store or
click here to sign up online!

Image result for lord of the rings journeys in middle earth

AsmoPlay Game Night

December 16th, 7:00pm
Entry fee: free.

These game nights will feature specific Asmodee games such as 
Unlock! and Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth. Each game night will show-case one game that the Gamer's Inn Staff will teach you. But wait, there's more! For participating, you'll receive special promo items for the featured game! These can include alternate art cards, expansion packs, and more! 

This AsmoPlay Game Night will feature Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth. This is a newer board game set in the fantasy world of Middle-Earth. Go on quests, seize treasure, and make friends in this beautifully crafted board game!

Image result for holiday art

Bigsmile Sans
Related image Image result for cover your assets game

HalfbreD Regular
The holidays are upon us, Gamers!
Below are the times when the store will be open, and (if we're open) what events we'll be hosting that day. 

Christmas Eve (Dec 24)

Store will be open 11am to 4pm.
No events.

Christmas Day (Dec 25)
Store will be closed.
No events.

New Year's Eve (Dec 31)
Store will be open 11am to 4pm.
No events.

New Year's Day (Jan 1st)
Store will be open from 11am to 10pm.
Holiday Donations
Collection boxes will be available in store for non-perishable food, toys, and blankets starting Thanksgiving Week.

"This year, we are excited to be partnering with the Salvation Army to give to those in need. Donations can include:

any non-perishable food,
new unwrapped toys, or
new/gently used blankets or coats. 

The donations will be picked up

We thank you for your kindness and generosity and wish you and yours a joyful holiday season."

-From Gamer's Inn
Come play in one of our casual board game nights! If you don't know how to play one of our board games, we'll teach you!

Monday, Dec 16th
7:00pm - Casual Board Game Play, free
7:00pm - AsmoPlay Game Night: Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth, free

Tuesday, Dec 17th
7:00pm - Cover Your Assets
Demo Night, free

Monday, Dec 23
7:00pm - Casual Board Game Play, free
7:00pm - Play with the Owners: Power Grid, free

Monday, Dec 30
7:00pm - Casual Board Game Play, free

Beyond Wonderland Regular
Image result for star wars destiny logo Image result for christmas stockings clipart

Christmas On Crack Regular
Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes for Hire
December 23rd, 7:00pm
Entry Fee: $5

In this Dungeons and Dragons event, we'll be taking you on an adventure through the land of Faerun. The only thing you need to bring is your merry self! We'll provide the rest, including a character sheet, a set of RPG dice and painted minigifure to use for the evening, and a snack plus a drink.

We're providing level five characters, so those who choose to come should have
some foreknowledge of D&D 5e mechanics.

Sign up in store or
click here to sign up online!
Star Wars Destiny: A Spark of Hope Draft
December 26th, 7:00pm
Entry Fee: $18

Join us for a Star Wars Destiny Draft!

We will be drafting from Spark of Hope. Each player will be given six Spark of Hope boosters to draft with.

For this event, players will be required to bring a Rivals or an Allies of Necessity Draft pack. If you do not have one, there will be a limited number of the draft packs available for sale and to borrow at the event.

Sign up in store or
click here to sign up online!
Below are a list of games that make for great stocking stuffers. Follow the links to learn more about them!

Image result for friday night magic

CHrONicLe Regular

Sanitarium BB

Come every Friday night for our Magic: the Gathering events. See below for times and formats. 

December 13th
7:00pm - Modern, free
7:30pm - Throne of Eldraine Draft, $10

December 21st
7:00pm - Pioneer, free
7:30pm - Throne of Eldraine Draft, $10

December 28th
7:00pm - Modern, free
7:30pm - Throne of Eldraine Draft, $10
Join us Monday evenings for Dice Masters and Transformers TCG events. See below for times, formats and cost.

December 16th
7:00pm -  Dice Masters: Modern Theme Night, $3

December 23rd
7:00pm - Transformers TCG: Constructed, $5

December 30th
7:00pm - Transformers TCG and Dice Masters Casual Play, free
Mark your calendars for our upcoming events at Gamer's Inn. Each of our Game Night starts at 7:00pm and are free to participate in.

Thursday, Dec 19th
7:00pm - Paint with Caleb, $25

Monday, Dec 23rd
7:00pm - D&D: Heroes for Hire, $5

Thursday, Dec 26th
7:00pm - Star Wars Destiny: A Spark of Hope Draft, $18

Thank you for making this store possible and for your patronage! 

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