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Gamer's Inn News: Aug 14

Aug 14, 2020

Undiscovered Geniuses

Black Ops One Regular

If you like battleship, ordering people around,
or playing fun group games, this one's for you.

Price: $34.99

Sonar is the simplified version of Captain Sonar, and an enhanced version of the classic game battleship. It plays up to four players, and each player takes on the role of either Radio Operative or Captain (or, if you're playing with just two people, you'll take on both roles). 

Next comes a whole lotta guesswork and problem-solving. The Captain will call out an action (either movement or a special action), and the Radio Operative of the opposite team will try to figure out where the enemy's ship is. Can you figure out where they are in time?

Read more about this game here!

Sonar | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

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Smash Up | Faction-Bending Card Game Review - YouTube Republica Minor 2.0 Regular
For those who love bringing together different types of people and forcing them to smash things together.

Price: $34.99

The "shufflebuilding" game Smash Up begins with a simple premise: take two 20-card decks of two different factions, shuffle them into a deck of forty cards, then compete to crush more Bases than your opponents! Each faction involves a different gaming mechanism... and each combination of factions brings a different gaming experience.

Click here to learn more about this game!

Hallywood Regular

Last week's Fun Fact was about Senet, one of the oldest board games in recorded history. This week we're talking about the little known history of one of America's board game designers; Lizzie Magie (who later married and became Lizzie Magie Philips). She's the author behind one of the most successful and highest-selling board games of all time: Monopoly. 

But when Magie designed it, she called it "The Landowner's Game", intending it to teach children the precepts of Henry George's "Progress and Poverty". The game itself included two sets of rules, one with "anti-monopolist" rules and one with "monopolist" rules.

Unfortunately for Magie, her game design was stolen by Charles Darrow, who then sold "his" idea to Parker Brothers, a board game company. Parker Brothers also purchased Magie's patents for her games. With the legal rights to her games, as well as Darrow's idea, Parker Brothers began selling copies of "Monopoly", an updated and simplified version of Magie's original game. 

Lizzie Magie later died in 1948. From 1935 when Monopoly was first printed to 1948, it had sold over a million copies. As of 2020, that number's over 275 million. 
Lizzie Magie - Wikipedia

RARE 1939 The LANDLORD'S GAME Parker Bros Vintage Board Complete ...

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