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Gamer's Inn News: Sep 25

September 25th, 2020

Zendikar Rising Now Released - Pick up your Products Today!

Beyond Wonderland Regular
Beyond Wonderland Regular

Would you like to learn what Dungeons and Dragons, the most popular role-play game in the world, is all about? How to build your own character, design your own campaign, fulfill your dreams of world domination and becoming an all-powerful warrior or a wizard of impressive intellect? 

Then you should come to this event! We'll tell you all you need to know about this wonderful game, and answer any questions you might have.

Wednesday, September 30th
 at 7:00pm

Disclaimer: This is the first of several learning modules.
Tyler Jacobson on Twitter:

Fri, 9/25 Sat, 9/26 Mon, 9/28 Tues, 9/29 Wed, 9/30 Thurs, 10/1
7:30pm - FNM: Zendikar Rising Sealed, $20 11:30am - MTG Commander, free
No Events  6:30pm - 
X-Wing Night, free
7:00pm - Intro to D&D, free 6:30pm- MTG Commander, free

Kitchen Rush Review | Board Games | Zatu Games UK | Seek your Adventure Dinoko Regular

Price: $69.95

How fast can you cook? Find out by playing Kitchen Rush! In real time, you'll work together to give your workers orders via hourglasses and serve as much food as possible. Good luck!

Click here to learn more!


Government Agent BB Italic

Price: $25.00
Releases Winter of 2020

Welcome one and all to Spyfest, the largest super spy convention in the world!

You are here to get a precious piece of secret information, but there is a complication: Everyone is wearing a costume, and you don't know who your source is. Find your spy by listening and talking to the visitors, but you have to remember that the interceptors are on site, too, and they might get ahead of you and unveil your spy before you do!

Spyfest is a storytelling detective party game in which players split into two teams and take turns being the spy. The goal of the spy is to make their own team guess which costume they are wearing in such a way that the opposing team wouldn't get it. In order to do this, the spy and their team use a special keyword as well as their quick-wittedness, limitless fantasy, subtlety, and impressive talent for mingling.

PREORDER Spyfest Party Game

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