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Gamer's Inn News: Jan 22

January 22nd, 2021

How Lucky Are You?

Jaipur: How to Play | Board Games | Zatu Games UK | Seek Your Adventure

For those who love fast-paced games and the thrill of pushing your luck.

Price: $24.99

You are a merchant, both wealthy and powerful. However, not quite powerful enough to be invited to court. This shall not stand! To achieve court status, you'll have to carefully choose which goods to keep and sell, and take risks large and small. Just how lucky will you be? Find out!

Buy your own copy here!

Jaipur | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

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7:30pm - FNM: Chaos Draft, $5 11:30am - MTG Commander, free

2:00pm - MTG Standard, free
No Events  6:30pm - 
X-Wing Night, free
No Events 6:30pm- MTG Commander, free

CHrONicLe Regular
CHrONicLe Regular

TONIGHT at 7:30pm
Entry Fee: $5

Any card anywhere in MTG's history could be in this draft. 

Come draft with us for a chance to win prizes and take home some highly sought after cards, including the ones on the right!

Click here to sign up! Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) Point Salad Card Game: Toys &  Games Point Salad

Price: $19.99

There's over 100 different ways to win and score points! A great simple game for the whole family.

Buy your own
copy here!

 Prerelease Kits
Available on Jan 29th 
Preorder now for $25
 Draft Booster Boxes
Available on Jan 29th
Preorder now for $105
Collector Booster Boxes
Available on Jan 29th
Preorder now for $230
 Each kit comes with two
additional Draft Booster Packs
The perfect way to hold
your own draft. 
The shiniest and rarest
cards in the set.
Click here to order or
drop by our store!
Click here to order or 
drop by our store!
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