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Gamer's Inn News: August 20th

August 20th, 2021

Good Morning 'Mystery Boosters'!

From Man to Mouse, Prince Collin is up for Giant Stories!

Price: $74.95

Play as one of the merry mice bound by honor to save the kingdom from evil! Whetheer you pick the role of Prince Collin, the Smith, the Wizard, or the Healer, plenty of peril and adventure awaits!
Keep a ready eye out for the castle cat, Brodie.

Read more about this game here!

Mice and Mystics

Fri, 8/20 Sat, 8/21 Mon, 8/22 Tues, 8/23 Wed, 8/24 Thurs, 8/25
7:00pm: MTG Pioneer Tournament

7:30pm - FNM: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Draft, $10
11:30am - MTG Commander, free

2:00pm - MTG Standard, free
No Events 7:00pm - MTG: AFRL - Brawl League, $10
7:00pm - Flesh and Blood Night
7:00pm -
D&D Adventurer's League
6:30pm- MTG Commander, free

Price: $24.99

The goal of the game is sad, but simple: you want your characters to suffer the greatest tragedies possible before passing on to the well-deserved respite of death.

Click Here for More Sordid Details

Price: $34.99

The Fantasy Fair is in town and everyone is looking to attend.
Who can get the most gold by putting different Guests into different rooms, including the Inn’s several special enchanted rooms?
In the end, only one innkeeper will take home the prize!

Book your copy, click here!

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