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Gamer's Inn News: April 1st

April 1st, 2022

April Fools!

A Family game of Goblin vs Goblin Shenanigans...

Price: $28.00

To become the biggest Goblin you must have a large breakfast!
Eat as much as you can, and try not to let others eat more.

Read more about this game here!


Fri, 4/01 Sat, 4/02 Mon, 4/04  Tues, 4/05 Wed, 4/06 Thurs, 4/07
7:30pm - FNM: Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Draft, $12 11:30am - MTG Commander, free

2:00pm - MTG Standard, free
No Events  6:30 pm - 
X-Wing Night, free

7:00pm - Flesh & Blood
7:00 pm -
D&D Encounters
6:30pm- MTG Commander, free

Price: $29.99

Brace yourself for a
fast-paced, adorable, and
utterly destructive adventure.

Click here to learn more!

Will you eat or be eaten in this introduction strategy game
for children and families!?

Price: $20.00

The young Diplodocus (Diplos) are fond of the delicious leaves
that can be found in the surrounding meadows.

To win, your Diplos team will have to eat more leaves that the opposing team...
unless you choose to use the ferocious T. Rex
to eliminate all Dinos opposing the meadow!

Read more about this game here!

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