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Gamer's Inn News: October 7th

October 7th, 2022

MTG Universes Beyond: Warhammer 40k
Commander Decks Release Today!

Brave the peril of the dark road travelling between cities to earn fame and fortune!

Price: $59.99

After half a year of daylight, we must now prepare for the dark season.
The roads will be treacherous but they will still need to be braved by a select few in order to keep our cities thriving.
In Merchants of the Dark Road, you are one of these brave few merchants that travel the dangerous paths between cities.

While the job is perilous, fame and fortune await.

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Fri, 10/07 Sat, 10/08 Mon, 10/09 Tues, 10/10 Wed, 10/11 Thurs, 10/12
7:30pm -
FNM: Dominaria United Draft, $12

7:30pm -
FNM: Unfinity Draft, $12
11:30am - MTG Commander, free
11:30pm - MTG 
Warhammer 40k 
Commander Party, free
7:00pm - Board Game Night, free
7:00pm - Flesh & Blood, free

7:00 - Dominaria United Brawl League, $25
7:00 pm -
D&D Encounters, free
6:30pm- MTG Commander, free

Just Desserts
Price: $16.00

 Compete with your fellow waiters to serve guests their favorite goodies before someone else gets to them first!

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Tiptoe your way through Lord Eradikus' spaceship
to nab artifacts and an escape pod.

Price: $64.99

The evil Lord Eradikus has all but conquered the galaxy, and is now on a victory lap across the sector in his flagship, Eradikus Prime.

He may rule with an iron grip, but his most prized artifacts are about to slip through his cyborg claws.

You and your fellow thieves have challenged each other to sneak aboard his ship, hack your way into its command module, and steal from him.

Read more about this game here!

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