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Gamer's Inn News: October 14th

October 14th, 2022

Take a Cozy Night In, Play a Game with your Family!

Brave the peril of the dark road travelling between cities to earn fame and fortune!

Price: $44.99

Furnace is an elegant engine-building euro game where the players take on the roles of 19th-century capitalists building their industrial corporations.

Players aspire 
to make as much money as they can by purchasing companies, extracting resources, and processing them in the best combinations possible.

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Fri, 10/14 Sat, 10/15 Mon, 10/17 Tues, 10/18 Wed, 10/19 Thurs, 10/20
7:30pm -
FNM: Dominaria United Draft, $12

11:30am - MTG Commander, free 7:00pm - Board Game Night, free

7:00pm - FAB: Uprising Draft, $13
7:00pm - Flesh & Blood, free

7:00pm - Dominaria United Brawl League, $25
7:00 pm -
D&D Encounters, free
6:30pm- MTG Commander, free

Cover Your Kingdom
Price: $16.00

 An absurdly ruthless set-collection party game with a punderful theme!

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Create the most harmonious ecosystem as you puzzle together habitats and wildlife!

Price: $39.99

Take a journey to the Pacific Northwest as you compete to create the most harmonious ecosystem in Cascadia!

Turns are simple – select a tile/token set and place each into your expanding ecosystem. Earn points by fulfilling wildlife goals and creating the largest habitat corridors.

With variable scoring goals, each game of Cascadia brings a new spatial puzzle to your table!

Read more about this game here!

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