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Sleek and agile, the Naboo Royal N-1 is well-suited to its role as a diplomatic escort for that planet’s ambassadors. Beneath the gleaming chromium of its elegant spaceframe are advanced Nubian engines further customized by the Theed Palace Engineering Corps, making the N-1 one of the fastest starfighters of its time.

In addition to the beautifully detailed and pre-painted Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter miniature, this expansion contains six ship cards, seven upgrade cards that give you greater control over its prodigious speed, and the tokens and maneuver dial you need to defend Naboo or any other planet.

Within this expansion, you'll find:

6 Ship Cards:
1 Anakin Skywalker
1 Dineé Ellberger
1 Padmé Amidala
1 Ric Olié
1 Bravo Flight Officer
1 Naboo Handmaiden

7 Upgrade Cards
1 Collision Detector
1 Daredevil
1 Passive Sensors
1 Plasma Torpedoes
1 R2 Astromech
1 R2-A6
1 R2-C4

1 Condition Card:

2 Quick Build Cards

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