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MTG Booster: Innistrad Midnight Hunt Collector Booster

Collector Boosters are supercharged booster packs with the most desirable cards from Innistrad Midnight Hunt--open a pack and fill your collection with rares, foil, special art, and showcase frames.

Collector Boosters are the only Innistrad Midnight Hunt boosters that contain cards with extended art

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Collector's Booster contains 15 cards

-1 foil alternate frame rare/mythic (showcase, borderless, or extended art)
-1 foil rare/mythic
-1 non-foil borderless or showcase rare/mythic
-1 non-foil extended art rare/mythic
-1 foil showcase common/uncommon
-2 non-foil showcase commons/uncommons
-2 foil uncommons
-5 foil commons
-1 foil basic land
-1 double-sided foil token

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